Changeover Reduction

Improved changeover performance delivers the flexibility to produce more in a given time or to do more changeovers, driving towards one-piece flow.

Improvements in changeover performance come from 3 different areas:

  • Increased precision of preparation/processing
  • Improved workplace organisation and effectiveness
  • Improved management and planning activities in support of changeover optimisation

Our changeover reduction programmes use multi-disciplined teams to work through the following steps:

  • Analyse current changeover activities and performance
  • Split improvement tasks into the categories listed above
  • Prioritise areas for improvement and design new ways of working
  • Pilot the new process and standardise
  • Measure the effectiveness of the new method
  • Continuous Improvement

The third aspect to changeover reduction is in "Design For Optimum Changeover Performance." PC Consulting have extensive experience in this area with "design in" and "standardisation" as the cornerstones of improvement.

Changeover Reduction Diagram