Our Mission is to deliver improved business performance by eliminating waste

We will achieve this through effective training, facilitation, mentoring and most importantly, teamwork

Would you like.....

... a 50% reduction in inventory?

... a 55% increase in Right First Time Quality?

... an 80% reduction in customer lead time?

... a 100% increase in equipment effectiveness?

... new products introduced on time and to budget?


Our consultancy services
will provide you with a route to achievements as impressive as those to the left.

Read on to find out how our common sense, low cost approach has worked for our clients.

Our style is open and participative, we are happy to adapt our approach to suit your company style and environment using the most appropriate methods.

A key step in any successful improvement program is to fully understand your business drivers and to tailor the implementation to suit.

We offer a very flexible approach and are happy to undertake short improvement initiatives or complete company improvement programmes.

Professional Programme and Project Management Service

We have a proven track record in "on time and to budget" projects ranging from management of multi million pound factory expansion and rationalisation of business processes to the realisation of new products.

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Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is one of the current favourites in manufacturing; the principles are simple although the design and implementation in your plant may be a little trickier.

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Kaizen Improvement

Kaizen Principles are used to implement "Lean Manufacturing" where all forms of waste are minimised / eliminated.

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Total Productive Manufacturing

TPM is a system of maintaining and continuously improving equipment enhancing the production volume and improving morale of operations and engineering teams.

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Changeover Reduction

Improved changeover performance delivers the flexibility to produce more in a given time or to do more changeovers, driving towards one-piece flow.

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Value Mapping

Value mapping is a powerful diagnostic tool that helps us to visualise activities that are carried out to deliver your products to customers.

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New Product Introduction

How many new products are introduced On Time, To Budget and Under Control from the quality and cost perspectives?

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